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We have the end of the year and it is a time of summaries in every company. Entrepreneurs are analyzing what they have achieved in the last 12 months and are thinking about how to step into the next busy year here. 

We encourage you to devote special attention to planning your digital marketing campaign, which is an ideal option for growing, but still small businesses. This is now the best time to pre-plan your advertising projects and choose those that can potentially bring the greatest image and sales benefits.

We will make your case easier. After brainstorming in the team, Licreative technologies  chose digital marketing tools that are worth focusing on in 2020.

Why do you need to invest heavily in digital marketing in 2020?

One of the key reasons is the forecasted significant increase in the share of online sales in the consumer spending portfolio. Estimates say that in 2020, the number of people who make at least one purchase online will get close to 2 billion or even break this limit. It is an army of customers buying both products and services.

So if you have a small business and you decided to grow your business in 2020, look for customers primarily online. Of course, you need to work successively on development, which is understood by investing in image and brand recognition. Don’t move without it. 

dricki digital marketing infograph

Companies that do not have any brand are doomed to a constant struggle to stay afloat, they depend only on sales pillars and earned profit. By increasing brand awareness, services, and products, you will gain something priceless: protection against the effects of the impending economic slowdown. 

The crisis of 2008 did not hit the world’s biggest brands, it strengthened them. He swept out of the market those companies that could not count on customer loyalty because they simply did not exist in their consciousness.

Criteria for choosing digital marketing tools

We have long wondered which tools we can confidently recommend to small companies, but ultimately we managed to select a group of four particularly recommended solutions. What have we considered?

Easy campaign launch – we’ve assumed that small businesses have neither the time nor the resources to bother with campaigns that require long planning and continuous monitoring;

Low cost – for this reason, in our list there was not even video marketing, which is a rather expensive strategy. Similarly, like influencer marketing and display campaign;

Measurability of effects – each of the proposed tools gives a wide range of possibilities in measuring its effectiveness, whether using web analytics or through direct feedback from customers;

Combining sales support with an image campaign – we wanted to recommend not only strictly sales tools, but also those that bring long-term image effects and contribute to building brand recognition;

It’s time to get to the point. Here are 4 tools that you should use in a digital marketing campaign for your small business in 2020.

Email Marketing

For many, it can be a surprise, because apparently “email marketing is dead”. It’s not true. An email campaign can still be a great promotion tool for a small company because it is not expensive, its effects can be easily measured, it is susceptible to quick modifications if something goes wrong, and at the same time, it works perfectly in the process of increasing the brand’s reach. It is simple to configure and can be precisely targeted to a specific target group.

The advantage of an email marketing campaign, especially from a small company, is also that you can run it without having a website (although of course, you need to plan its creation anyway). We then direct traffic to e.g. the brand’s profile on Facebook.

Who we particularly recommend email marketing to:

● Internet shops

● Small service companies

● Small producers

● Companies looking for larger contractors (advertising emails are opened mainly by managers and entrepreneurs)

Google Ads

This was an obvious choice because there is no other tool that would allow you to launch an advertising campaign practically hour by hour and immediately began to bear fruit. We note, however, that the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) billing model is not so cheap at all, and if you also want to fight for the most competitive phrases, then be ready for the pain of the wallet. The alternative is to choose phrases with a long tail, less frequently searched, but much cheaper and more precise.

Who we particularly recommend Google Ads to:

● Internet shops

● Companies acquiring customers locally

● Companies that want to increase sales immediately

● Content marketing

Our absolute favorite and tool that will still rule in marketing small businesses in 2020. Content marketing is modern and effective support for every SEO campaign (it is impossible today to effectively position a website without valuable content) and the best solution if you want to strengthen your brand image.

An investment in content marketing pays off for a long time, but at the same time, it is practically guaranteed and can bear fruit for years. Blogging, sponsored and popular science articles, infographics – it still works, and Google announces further rewarding brands that invest invaluable content. So if you can afford to choose only one tool for a digital marketing campaign, let it be content marketing.

Who we particularly recommend content marketing to:

● Beginner companies that need to build a brand

● Entrepreneurs expecting long-term effects

● Companies that above all want to achieve a high position in Google

● Companies operating in a very competitive industry, without funds for aggressive advertising activities

● Social media marketing

They could not be missing in this statement either. Social media is a natural choice for small businesses, which is also confirmed by statistics. About 60% of enterprises from the SME sector have a company profile on Facebook – most run it on their own, which is not a good idea.

The advantages of social media are obvious: huge reach, a multitude of options to promote the brand, the ability to precisely target ads, and interact with users. However, the problem with social media is that for a campaign to bring any benefits, you have to invest in it either a lot of time or a lot of money. If you do not have either, let it be your reserve option for 2020.

Who we especially recommend social media for:

● Brands wanting to be close to customers

● Companies whose target groups actively use social media

● Companies from the beauty and clothing industries

● Small entrepreneurs offering handicrafts, unique, which are not often searched on Google

Regardless of which tools you ultimately choose, remember one thing: building a brand is the most important task that you face in 2020 and a pretty cool idea for a New Year’s business resolution.

Why is Digital Marketing important for an SME?

The lack of new customers is one of the main reasons why SMEs die slowly and have to close their doors.

Marketing Digital is implementing marketing strategies carried out in the media digital, ultimately it is to translate the techniques of the offline world to the online world.

In the advances of technology that we have had throughout the generations we always find the already famous “resistance to change”, we resist because we are afraid to have to learn new things, however, this change is on our heels, something that suits small and medium businesses, because we can compete on the same board with big brands, but for that, we need to know

For SMEs it is no longer an option to have a digital presence, if it is intended to grow they must be within this world, the search and purchase processes are increasingly personalized and this is because the Internet plays a very important role in this process, Hence the emphasis on using digital tools for those who are looking for our services or products. Among the basic tools in which an SME must enter are:

Web page. Having a web page is the cover letter, with which the client will meet to reach you, it is always important to remember “The first impression counts a lot”, however, a web page alone does not help us if it does not We have the complement for it.

Images that speak of your service, it is incredible how graphics we become people, in general, we like the pages that tell us with an image that the business is about.

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing. When we talk about SEM, we usually refer to paid ads campaigns in search engines, although, being purists, SEM refers to any Marketing action within search engines, whether paid or not.

Social Networks are sites that can become a powerful tool to promote a business, service, product, or website. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter even have an advertising system for advertisers. Online advertising campaigns take social networks into account when building their strategies.


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People think that if they join a fitness centre, the only benefit they will get is that they will be losing weight and getting healthy. However, this is not the case. It is true that joining a gym and undergoing exercise is beneficial to you. However, there are so many benefits of fitness that you will not be able to enjoy them if you do not go to the gym regularly. Read on to find out some of these benefits of the fitness centre and why people need to go to clubs rather than an exercise in the privacy of their homes.

1.    Effective Way to Get Fit:

There are different benefits of a fitness centre or gym depending upon your preferences. A gym will provide you a good workout for all body parts including the abdomen, legs, arms, shoulder, etc. A good exercise in the gym will be an effective way of getting rid of all the excess pounds that you may have gained over the years and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a quick way to exercise, going to a Fitness Club will be better because you can do it anywhere and anytime you feel like doing it.

2.    Different Types of Activities:

You have a lot of options and space in fitness centres. You can have different types of equipment for different activities. For instance, if you want to have good work out then you should go for an elliptical machine or a treadmill instead of jogging on the spot. If you want to take classes of Pilates or Yoga, then you should check the classes for different gym. This will elaborate you which one gym gives the best type of exercises at an affordable rate.

3.    Improve Your Skills:

The environment of the fitness centre matters a lot.The atmosphere in a fitness centre will keep your workouts fun and interesting. When your kids workout in a very good environment, it will motivate them to work out on daily basis. There are games that you can play here like ping pong which will help you improve your skills in fitness. Another benefit of a fitness studio is that you can invite your friends over to your house and get a party going. Your children can play in front of the television and you can all work out together.

4.    Fun Activities to Do:

One of the main benefits of a fitness studio is that you do not have to go to exercise in the gym only. There are lots of other activities that you can practise in luxury fitness centre like, swimming, volleyball etc. You also have a large screen television to watch sports while working out. There are aerobics, dance classes, Yoga classes, and much more to choose from.

5.    Benefits of Yoga Exercise:

Yoga exercise is the best way to exercise as well as it is a healthy lifestyle. It is most popular exercise that will help you to rewind your mind and before a healthy mind person. One of the main benefits of yoga exercise is that it is low impact exercise. There are lots of ways to perform yoga, all you need to do is the concern with the guider regarding which type of yoga suit you best.

6.    Personal Trainer:

Another great thing about a Fitness Club is that you have access to trainers that can help you get started. It will be a lot easier if you have a personal trainer with you all the time. They will be able to make sure that you are doing the exercises in the right way. If you are having any type of problem, your trainer will be there for you to solve any problems that you might be having.

7.    Benefits of Rowing Machine:

One of the best benefits of the fitness centre is the available equipment. If you are looking to burn fat or at least maintain healthy body weight, you should consider purchasing some exercise equipment. One of the best exercise equipment that you should do is rowing machines, it will help you strengthen your muscles and burn calories. If you want to lose weight, then rowing machine is the best exercise equipment for you. You may think that this is not possible, but you would be surprised at how effective this machine can be.

8.    Financial Benefits:

The last benefit of a fitness centre that you will want to look into is the financial benefit of joining. Fitness centres will allow you to reap the financial benefits of fitness centre easily. Your membership fee goes directly to the benefits of the fitness centre and you are sure to enjoy it.

If you are interested in joining any fitness centre, it will be a good idea to make comparisons first before signing up. You can get more information about the benefits of fitness centres by reading online reviews, talking with friends who have already tried it, or by attending some fitness events. The best place to find out which are the best clubs or gyms is on the Internet. You will have a wide range of choices and different types of facilities available.

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Fintech is a combination of the terms "finance", "technology", and refers any business that uses technology in order to improve or automate financial services. This term refers to a rapidly expanding industry that serves both the interests of consumers and businesses in many ways. Fintech resources like i2ifacility.org offer a wide range of services, including mobile banking and investment apps and even insurance. The industry is massive and will continue to grow for many years. CB Insights estimates that there are " 41 VC backed fintech unicorns" with a total value of $154.1B. One reason is that many traditional banks are supportive and adopter the technology. They actively invest in, acquire, or partner with fintech startups to provide digitally-minded customers with \the products and services they need. What is a FINTECH COMPANY? Fintech companies incorporate technologies such as AI, blockchain, and data science into traditional financial services to make them safer and more efficient. Fintech is one the fastest growing tech sectors. Companies are innovating in nearly every aspect of finance, from credit scoring to stock trading and payments to loans and loans.

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What is Educational Technology?
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Delta one voyagers have a full position to partake in the different kinds of suppers, beverages, liquor, and refreshments. This class gives you newly made, perfectly planned, gourmet specialist arranged food alongside side fluids. This class has a specialist group of cooks who're committed to giving you the astounding kind of dinner even while you are miles from the home or eating places. Delta aircraft's reservations business class has an assortment of chosen wines and different refreshments. Travelers going in Delta one can appreciate dim Goose Vodka, Jack Daniels' single Barrel pick and other top sorts of lager. You likewise have an amazing chance to partake in the sumptuous breakfast with unadulterated leaf teas which incorporates green tea with jasmine, peppermint, and so on

Delta Airlines Office Tanzania

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Audio Visual equipment rental in London can be used for various purposes. These are audio visual equipment that is utilized in theatres, conferences, meetings, trade shows, presentations, conventions, etc. in order to make the function more delightful and better. These audio-visual equipment are available in various categories. They are audio visual equipment such as web cameras, projectors, LCD screens, computer monitors, DVD players, audio cassette players, microphones, and more.

1.    Find a Complete Solution:

In the past, it was very difficult to hire audio equipment in London. But now with the advancement in technology, all the major brands manufacture this audio equipment. You just need to find a good Audio Equipment Hire London services who can provide you a complete solution. London has got a wide audio equipment hire in the market so you can find the best audio equipment hire in London as per your requirement.

2.    Enhance the Function:

Audio equipment hire provides its customers with AV equipment that helps in enhancing the audio visual functions in any function that requires a large number of audio equipment. Most of the companies hire audio equipment in London to ensure the smooth functioning of the functions. The audio equipment hire in London is the main reason for the development of the AV industry in the UK. The demand for audio equipment hire in London is increasing day-by-day. Due to this requirement, many companies have started operating their audio equipment hire services in London.

3.    Reliability of the Company:

If you are thinking to rent some good quality audio equipment, then you need to do proper research about the company. The requirement of audio equipment can indeed be fulfilled at a quite cheaper rate as compared to others. So, it is very important to know about the company's previous work and their popularity in the business. So, you will not find it difficult to select a good AV equipment hire company in London.

To hire audio equipment, you need to be sure of the dependability of the firm you are dealing with. The audio equipment hire in London should have the good technical know-how of audio-visual equipment. The audio equipment hire in London should also offer a warranty period and another service contract.

4.    Determine Your Needs and Requirement:

Audio equipment hires in London is the perfect option for businessmen who have their audio-visual department. To hire the audio equipment, you need to provide details of your project. This will help the company in carrying out a fruitful function. For instance, if you want to hire wireless printers, audio visual equipment, web cameras and microphones, computer audio interface, and software then all these items are available in the AV equipment hire company. In addition, if you want to hire AV equipment then you can also search according to your requirements.

5.    Search According to Specification:

Searching according to the requirement is the best option. You need to understand the exact requirement of audio-visual equipment. If you want to hire a digital audio camera then you need to search under its specification, image, and gigabytes. If you need high-quality audio equipment hire in London then you can search according to its specification, megabytes consumed, and price. On the other hand, if you want to hire portable audio equipment hire in London then you need to search according to its price, size, and gigabytes consumed. On the other hand, if you want to hire multimedia audio equipment hire in London then you can search in accordance to its gigabytes consumed and size.

6.    Hardware and Software of Equipment:

The other essential item which needs to be considered is its hardware and software. If you want to rent the audio equipment every month or daily basis then you should check the hardware and software of the audio equipment. If you want to hire audio equipment then you need to check the reliability and durability of the equipment. Finally, you need to consider the warranty of the audio equipment hire.

7.    Find Appropriate Supplier:

On the internet, you can find a wide range of audio equipment hire providers, manufacturers, and so forth. You just need to choose an appropriate company, supplier, and so forth. Thus, at the end of the day, you need to make your decision very carefully to avoid regrets in the future.

8.    Compare the Companies:

You can collect the information about the best audio equipment hire company in London from the clients and the existing customers. You will get a clear picture of the services and prices after visiting their office. Moreover, you can take quotes from the companies and compare them. You will find many brands in the market and so you have to select the best one according to your requirements and budget. When you are comparing all the Audio Equipment Hire London companies, you have to make sure that they provide services according to the customizations that you want in audio equipment hire in London.

While searching for an audio equipment hire company in London, you have to make sure that the company has all the necessary licenses and permits. These permits and licenses ensure the safety of equipment hire in London. Therefore, you have to make sure that the company is legally registered with the local authorities and also that they have insurance cover. After collecting all the required documents, you can easily hire AV equipment in London.

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What to do if your card is lost or stolen Assistance and direction Support with credit card debt financial savings accounts contains a sub menu our products and solutions.

We’re transparent regarding how we can easily deliver quality content, aggressive prices, and helpful tools to you personally by outlining how we generate profits.

So I wish to get a personal loan to pay back my bike and pay back my credit card. I have some cash to pay Therefore the mosh I would wish is like 5000. I've great credit I’m just undecided in which I really should go to get the loan. Any Tips?

Now you know what these loans can be employed for, how do you go about acquiring one particular? The first step is always to make an application for one particular, and hope you receive accredited.

Hi Davey – If Citibank is a serious lender in your area it’s undoubtedly worth a attempt. Far more so in the event you lender with them now.

London A choice of other Added benefits such as capability to purchase further holiday break, period ticket loan and 2 volunteer times.

Once more, Lending Tree can unlock all of your selections, presenting you with a comparison of your major choices for unsecured individual loans. It provides you with use of financial institutions, and also online lending sources.

She is now functioning once more but because of the missed payments theft repossesses her motor vehicle and it manufactured my credit glance terrible. I need the loan so she might get back her motor vehicle. I have direct deposit and also the payments about the loan could well be deducted from my account. I really need that will help her trigger now she has got to take the bus and she includes a son so she will need her position. Can an individual aid me please.

You only have to input what sort of loan you need, the quantity, your zip code, and a little bit of other primary loan information and facts, after which they supply a number of loan options for you.

You can't attractiveness if your software is rejected, however you can ask for the decision to become checked out all over again. It can help if you can give new evidence or display that your instances have transformed considering the fact that your first ask for.

Hi Vanusa – Sadly I can’t answer your query. I’m not familiar with how banking works in the United Kingdom, nor the regulations that govern it. My recommendation is to discuss it with a United Kingdom primarily based pro or authority. Sorry!

Although secured loans normally come in the shape of car loans or mortgages, you could find quite a few secured loans from Bad Credit No Guarantor Loans London banking companies, credit unions, and lending corporations.

As a consequence of the enhanced threat the lender takes on, unsecured loans occur with increased interest premiums and steeper credit score demands. You can even look forward to finding quick loan conditions and smaller sized quantities of funding available.

One of many often asked questions on superstars is who They are really courting. Similarly, some fans would probably check with, is Lina Esco married? Esco Loan

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There is no uncertainty that the energy enterprises are consistently on the way of development. Nonstop development is a typical component of the energy business. Thus, if the energy firms need to drive towards progress, they need to stay aware of the multitude of advancements. Furthermore, particularly when you hope to act in the global market, you should know about purchasers about your item/development. However, on the off chance that you need to dominate in the global market, you should make your online reports and information accessible in different dialects. In such cases, you will require Energy translation services to change your exceptionally specialized language and references over to neighborhood dialects with the goal that the customers can get it. So this is one of the excellent causes why proficient energy interpretation administrations are more popular.

Here in this article, you will gain proficiency with all those purposes for the expanding require for energy interpretation administrations.

What Do Professional Energy Translation Services Do?

Energy Company Translation administration is a firm that deciphers the archives and all new wordings of an energy organization to guarantee its worldwide achievement. Along these lines, in the event that you are an energy organization expecting to satisfy the global market's developing requests, you will require an energy business translatio (WRONG SPELLING KEYWORD). The energy interpretation administrations decipher every one of those records that are essential to your business. It likewise incorporates the archives that are important for your purchaser and merchants.

Further, Energy organizations additionally need to discuss often with their buyers. In such cases, the energy interpretation administrations assist you with keeping up the channel of correspondence. They offer you an exact interpretation of each material dispersed, estimations, and agreements appropriated. Further, at each stage in each country, the energy organizations need to speak with the public authority. This causes them to guarantee that they are agreeing with all the compliances. Thus, this is the reason each energy organization needs energy interpretation administrations.

Since you understand what proficient energy interpretation administrations do, here are some significant reasons that show you the significance.

Reasons Why Energy Translation Services Is the New Demand

Encourages Energy Companies to Stay Compliant with Government Claws

The essential motivation behind why do you need energy interpretation administrations is to remain consistent. As examined at each phase of tasks, energy organizations need to manage various countries' administrations. Thus, in such energy interpretation administrations, decipher all the fundamental records in the neighborhood language so you can report them to the public authority.

Lead You to Progress in the International Market

On the off chance that you need to prevail in the global market, you much of the time need to speak with your potential client abroad. In this way, in such cases, the interpretation administrations help you keep your correspondence channel open.

Take out Hassles of Re-Evaluation

The activities of Energy translation Company include numerous repetitive counts to report. And keeping in mind that managing in the global market, you need to communicate these computations in the nearby language. Thus, energy interpretation administrations dispose of the issues of re-estimations at the opposite end.

Help You Manage All the Tedious Paperwork

At different stages, the energy organization needs to manage weighty paper works. Be that as it may, Energy innovation interpretation makes it simpler for you by making an interpretation of it to the neighborhood language.


Wrapping up, this is the reason the energy interpretation administrations are more popular. On the off chance that you are an Energy Company, you should make an interpretation of every one of your reports to the necessary language to observe achievement.

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Ebenezer Obasi Mod

Yoom is a another word for a native Oxwall chat room plugin. A full fledge chatroom with smileys/emoticons, users online and draggable admin component panel.

Yoom chatroom plugin is designed with users experiences in mind; featuring Skype-like UI, so that your users can feel comfortable with an interface they are familiar with.

Demo: http://oxwall.ewtnet.us/yoom

Documentation: https://www.eobasi.com/projects/yoom-oxwall-chatroom-plugin/

Download: https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1354



- Intuitive user interface.

- Emoticons/Smileys.

- Show users online.

- Website users can join and leave chatroom.

- Website users can customize chatroom component.

- Users can follow and unfollow chatroom updates.

- Chatrooms grouped into categories.

Admin Backend Features


- Add categories.

- Customize and rearrange chatroom page layout.

- Add widgets to chatroom page.

YOOM Update - Build 4 (30th August, 2017)


- Public chatrom.

- Language Keys

- yoom+privacy_action_view_my_yoom


- yoom+yoom_widget_empty

- Chatroom Bot

- Leaves room

- Enter Room

- Create Chatroom

- Chatroom owners can kickout/ban members from chatting.

- Admin can clear chatroom messages.

Upcoming Features


- Admin can customize chat window styles.

- Connect forum to chat room plugin. This can be useful for rendering supports within the chatroom.


Yoom est un autre mot pour un plugin native de chat room. Un salon de discussion complet avec des smileys / émoticônes, des utilisateurs en ligne et un bloc de composants administratifs.

Le plugin de salle de discussion Yoom est conçu avec les expériences des utilisateurs à l'esprit; mettant en vedette l'interface utilisateur de type Skype, afin que vos utilisateurs puissent se sentir à l'aise avec une interface qu'ils connaissent.



- Interface utilisateur intuitive.

- Émoticônes / Smileys.

- Afficher les utilisateurs en ligne.

- Les utilisateurs du site Web peuvent se joindre et quitter la salle de discussion.

- Les utilisateurs du site peuvent personnaliser le composant du salon de discussion.

- Les utilisateurs peuvent suivre et ne pas suivre les mises à jour du salon.

- Les salles de discussion sont regroupées en catégories.

Caractéristiques de l'administrateur arrière


- Ajouter des catégories.

- Personnaliser et réorganiser la mise en page de la salle de discussion.

- Ajoutez des widgets à la page de la salle de discussion.

Mise à jour de YOOM - Build 4 (30 août, 2017)


 - Chatblog public.

 - Clés de langue

- yoom + privacy_action_view_my_yoom


- yoom + yoom_widget_empty

 - Chatroom Bot

- Salle des feuilles

- Entrer dans la salle

- Créer une salle de chat

 - Les propriétaires de Chatroom peuvent expulser / interdire aux membres de discuter.

 - L'administrateur peut effacer les messages de la messagerie.

Fonctionnalités à venir


- Admin peut personnaliser les styles de fenêtre de discussion.

- Connectez le forum au plugin de la salle de discussion. Cela peut être utile pour le rendu des supports dans la salle de discussion.


Yoom - это еще одно слово для родного плагина для чата в Oxwall. Полный интерактивный чат с смайликами / смайликами, пользователями онлайн и перетаскиваемой панелью компонентов администратора.

Плагин Yoom chatroom разработан с учетом опыта пользователей; С пользовательским интерфейсом, подобным Skype, так что ваши пользователи могут чувствовать себя комфортно с интерфейсом, с которым они знакомы.



- Интуитивно понятный пользовательский интерфейс.

- Смайлики / Смайлики.

- Показать пользователей онлайн.

- Пользователи веб-сайта могут присоединиться и покинуть чат.

- Пользователи веб-сайтов могут настраивать компонент чата.

- Пользователи могут следить за новостями и отменить подписку на чат.

- Чаты, сгруппированные по категориям.

Возможности интерфейса администратора


- Добавить категории.

- Настроить и изменить порядок страниц в чате.

- Добавить виджеты на страницу чата.

Обновление YOOM - сборка 4 (30 августа 2017 года)


 - Общественный чатром.

 - Языковые ключи

- yoom + privacy_action_view_my_yoom


- yoom + yoom_widget_empty

 - Просмотр профиля

- Листы комнаты

- Введите номер

- Создать чат

 - Владельцы чатов могут запускать / запрещать пользователям общаться в чате.

 - Администратор может очищать сообщения в чате.

Предстоящие функции


- Администратор может настраивать стили окна чата.

- Подключить форум к плагину в чате. Это может быть полезно для рендеринга поддержки в чате.

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